Why Dog Training GV?

Dog Training GV is based in Shepparton North and services a wide area. Offering half day private or one day small group training lessons, we help people with all types of issues.

how can we help you

40 Years of Experience

We Stimulate The Ability To Increase Your Pet’s Potential In A Positive Direction.

Successfully Trained 300’s of Dogs

We Develop Your Pet’s Intellectual Ability.

Indoor Training Area

We Make Your Relationship With Your Pet Harmonious.

We Succeeded in The Mental Formation of Pets.

Amount of Success Over Many Years

Achievements include:

  • Winning the Australian Dog of the Year
  • Winning the South Australia and Western Australia State Championships
  • Representing Australia in the New Zealand Trans-Tasman Sheep Dog Test

Our Services

With over 300 dogs of all breeds Trained, post dissatisfaction ends here because when others fail, we deliver results & guaranteed success.

  • Recall of dog

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Lead pulling when walking

  • Jumping on people

  • If your dog is on medication for behaviour issues or anxiety problem and you want them off this medication, we can make this possible. 

  • Barking

  • Chasing cars

  • Stock Handling

  • Aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people

Teaching People Training Dogs

Behavioural specialisttraining pet and working stock dogs in the Goulburn Valley area.